September 7-9, 2016


University of Split, Croatia


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A smart city can be defined as a city overlaid by a digital layer, which is used not only for storing city information but overall for its governance. This conference is aimed at presenting novel research concerning the use of information and communication technologies in Smart Cities, and will also provide a forum for senior researchers to establish collaborations on new research projects in this domain. A smart city cannot be defined without a better involvement of citizens (smart people).


SPLIT SUMMER SCHOOL before the UDMS Conference offers seven different courses in area of civil engineering, architecture and geodesy including Introduction to GIS with practical applications. More info…

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A smart city can be defined as a city overlaid by a digital layer, which is used...

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Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy
Matice hrvatske 15
21000 Split – Croatia
+385 21303333

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