Aalborg 2006

Aalborg, Denmark – 2004 25st Urban Data Management Symposium May 15-17, 2006  

Chioggia 2004

Chioggia-Venice, Italy – 2004 24st Urban Data Management Symposium October 27-29, 2004

Prague 2002

Prague, Czech Republic – 2002 23st Urban Data Management Symposium October 2-4, 2002 23nd Urban and Regional Data Management Symposium30 years of UDMS-looking back, looking forward” “Digital town and local e-government”in combination with the3rd Conference on Municipal Information Systemsand the Exhibition – “Digital Town”.

Delft 2000

Delft, the Netherlands – 1999 22st Urban Data Management Symposium September 11-15, 2000 22nd Urban and Regional Data Management Symposium in combination with the Seminar on Land Markets and Land Consolidation in Central Europe.

Venice 1999

Venice, Italy – 1999 21st Urban Data Management Symposium April 21-23, 1999 Information Technology in the service of local government planning and management.    

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