Ljubljana 2009 (Part4.4)

Part4.4 – Regional SDI web services to support urban planning processes and brownfield redevelopmentin Lombardy Author: R. Laffi, D. Sciunnach, S. Gelmi

Ljubljana 2009 (Part4.3)

Part4.3 – Georeferencing of historical maps of Ljubljana and their applications Author: T. Podobnikar, P. Lamovec

Ljubljana 2009 (Part4.2)

Part4.2 – Georeferenced address data – The essential link between geometric and thematic features in an Urban Data Management System Author: C. Aubrecht, M. Köstl, K. Steinnocher, N. Hackner-Jaklin

Ljubljana 2009 (Part2.3)

Part2.3 – Project for the management of the Municipal Development Plan of Venice Author: P. Barbieri, S. Mazzariol, M. Rumor, A. Scottà

Ljubljana 2009 (Part2.2)

Part2.2 – Evaluation of generated landscape configuration for use in spatial planning Author: C.T.J. Slager, B. de Vries, A.K. Bregt

Ljubljana 2009 (Part2.1)

Part2.1 – A GIS application of urban data for the visualization of the impact of a motorway construction in northern Italy Author: D. Carrion, A. Maffeis, F. Migliaccio

Ljubljana 2009 (Part1.2)

Part1.2 – Three-dimensional reconstruction for Ravenna historical centre model Author: L. Cipriani, M. Ballabeni, E. Modde

Ljubljana 2009 (Part1.1)

Part1.1 – Development of multifunctional Realistic 3D model of Municiplaity of Koper Author: J. Grahor, N. Kolega

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